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Education from inspiration

As part of the campaign to educate visitors to North Carolina parks about the Leave No Trace principles, we developed a series of seven stories that merged the diverse landscapes of NC, each of the Leave No Trace principles, key takeaways, and our visitor to educate and inspire travel to our state.

Go with Bo sweepstakes

All you need for the perfect Summer road trip is a destination, some great tunes and Bojangles.
One part of the Go with Bo sweepstakes was a custom email capturing quiz that provided recos for destinations and entered respondents for the grand sweepstakes prize.

If walls could talk (and chat)

If walls could talk, they can also chat. We created a chatbot unit to help communicate the benefits of Purple, collect information about what rooms consumers were thinking of remodeling next, and outline where they can find the products they are looking for.

Stories from the Soul podcast

To continue the engagement of Coke and Soul Food Sessions’ The Table Is Set — we created a four-part podcast where we could dive deeper into the topics of race, soul food and inclusion in the food industry.